Ursule Bloemen was born in 1950 at Neerpelt.

She lives and works in Bree since more than 30 years.

Her private sculpture garden and artstudio are situated in the full coutry between the plateau Campinois and the river Meuse.
Ursule is a typical example of the Twins.
On the one hand she makes very detailed busts in bronze. These lifelike portraits are made during posing sessions and/or from photos.
On the other side she makes very stylised sculptures. The central themes in her work are people and animals. By representing the essential only she makes from the figurative an imaginary figuration. In this way she evokes a subdued emotion and expression.

Besides her work in bronze she also makes sculptures in marble. Each figure in hardstone is to her an irrisistible challenge.

One doesn't get tired of Ursule's statues.
There is something timeless in her work.

Curriculum vitae

o Neerpelt 1950

Education: Exhibitions during the last fifteen years: